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2013/6/10 Preclinical evaluation of RI labelled anti CDH3 antibody received First Place Poster Award at SNMMI2013.
2013/4/9 Research progress of anti TFR antibody for solid tumor was reported at AACR2013.
2010/6/8 Research progress of new RI labelled therapeutic antibody was reported at SNM2010
2010/4/29 Research progress of anti CDH3 antibody was reported at AACR2010
2009/2/2 PPMX received one billion yen from FUJIFILM in a third-party allocation of shares, and became a subsidiary company of Fuji Film.
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We sell high quality antibodies to all 48 nuclear hormone receptors as reagents worldwide.

GATA2(Clone No B9922A)
Anti human GATA2 mouse monoclonal antibody
LGI-1(Clone No Z0751)
Anti human LGI-1 mouse monoclonal antibody
SF-1(Clone No N1665)
Anti human SF-1 mouse monoclonal antibody
COUP-TF II(Clone No H7147)
Anti human COUP-TF II mouse monoclonal antibody
HNF4 alpha(Clone No K9218)
Anti human HNF4 alpha mouse monoclonal antibody