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Message from CEO

Unique antibody technology is our core strength. We are committed to contribute to human health employing our best options!

Takuya Yokokawa Perseus Protemics Inc. CEO
There remain numerous diseases to which adequate or efficient therapies/ treatments have yet to be developed, leaving those patients with few treatment options. We believe that our mission at Perseus Proteomics Inc. (PPMX) is to develop therapeutic antibodies that not only address these unmet medical challenges, but also contribute to the quality of life of patients worldwide.
In pursuit of this mission, we are developing novel therapeutic antibodies utilizing our accumulated experience , antibody engineering technology, antibody modification technology (RIT/ADC), complete human antibody technology and an intimate research network with LSBM (Laboratory for Systems Biology and Medicine at the University of Tokyo).

Since the foundation of our company in February 2001, we have focused on generating antibodies of only the highest quality. We completed one of our initial goals by generating monoclonal antibodies to all forty-eight members of the nuclear hormone receptor family which we now sell worldwide.
We have already out-licensed our first therapeutic antibody targeting liver cancer and our second therapeutic antibody targeting lung cancer (radio isotope labeled antibody). These two antibodies are currently in clinical trials in USA. In addition, we are now developing therapeutic antibody targeting Hematopoietic cancer, antibody drug conjugate (ADC) targeting refractory solid cancer, and more.

We will continue creating new therapeutic antibodies by mobilizing all available resources of our team, and contribute to human health.