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Corporate Profile

2018/3/30 PPMX received 1.4 billion yen from Nippon Venture Capital Co.,Ltd. and other capitals in a third party allocation of shares.
2016/1/12 Fujifilm initiates a Phase I clinical trial of the anti-cancer agent “FF-21101” (RI labeled antibody) in the United States. PPMX contributed to creating antibody based on antibody engineering technology.
2014/12/18 PPMX receives JST Grant to develop Anti TfR antibody for Adult T-cell Leukemia.
2013/6/10 Preclinical evaluation of RI labelled anti CDH3 antibody received First Place Poster Award at SNMMI2013.
2013/4/9 Research progress of anti TFR antibody for solid tumor was reported at AACR2013.
2010/6/8 Research progress of new RI labelled therapeutic antibody was reported at SNM2010
2010/4/29 Research progress of anti CDH3 antibody was reported at AACR2010
2009/2/2 PPMX received one billion yen from FUJIFILM in a third-party allocation of shares, and became a subsidiary company of Fuji Film.
2008/9/26 Perseus Proteomics starts selling “Human Pentraxin3/TSG-14 ELISA System” worldwide
2007/9/18 Perseus Proteomics, Inc. announces Collaborative Agreement for Research on "PTX3 as a cardiovascular risk predictor"
2007/5/15 Research progress regarding the "Vascular Injury marker Pentraxin 3(PTX3)" will be presented at Digestive Disease Week 2007
2007/4/25 Research progress regarding the "Vascular Injury marker Pentraxin 3(PTX3)" will be presented at The 51st Annual General Assembly and Scientific Meeting of Japan College of Rheumatology
2007/4/21 Development of Cystatin SN as a new diagnostic marker for colon cancer Reported at The 93rd Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society of Gastroenterology
2007/3/25 Research progress regarding the " Vascular Injury marker Pentraxin 3(PTX3)" will be presented at The American college of cardiology held on March 24-27th, 2007 in New Orleans.
2007/3/8 Research progress regarding the "Vascular Injury marker Pentraxin 3(PTX3)" will be presented at The 71st Annual Scientific Meeting of the Japanese Circulation Society held on March 15-17th, 2007 in Kobe.
2007/3/2 Our Collaboration Research results regarding "The Vascular Injury Marker PTX3" and "Research in Nuclear Hormone Receptors" will be presented at the 96th Annual Pathology Meeting.
2006/11/11 Our scientific article using Perseus Proteomics human ELISA system "Establishment of a High Sensitivity Plasma Assay for Human Pentraxin3 as a Marker for Unstable Angina Pectoris" was just published.
2006/10/12 Perseus Proteomics and Chugai Pharmaceutical reach purchase and sales agreement on glypican-3 therapeutic antibody.
2006/9/1 Perseus Proteomics Inc. Now Offers High Sensitivity Monoclonal Antibodies against All 48 of the Nuclear Hormone Receptors
2006/4/1 Perseus Proteomics Inc. announces its participation in the New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO) government sponsored research project entitled "The Technical Development of New Functional Antibodies"
2006/4/1 Invited to Participate in NEDO Sponsored Government Project for the development of a Bionanochip for the Analysis of Protein Interactions Project (Focus 21)
2006/4/1 Perseus Proteomics Inc. Announces the Appointment of Dr. Toshiyo Tanaka and Dr. Patrick C. Reid to the Scientific Advisory Board.
2006/2/20 Fuji Photo Film Co., Ltd. Makes Equity Investment in Perseus Proteomics Inc.