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Company name
Perseus Proteomics Inc.
Corporate headquarters
4-7-6, Komaba Meguro-ku, Tokyo 153-0041, JAPAN
TEL : +81-3-5738-1705
FAX : +81-3-3481-5760
February 1, 2001
799 million Yen
Number of employees
Board of Directors
President & CEO Takuya Yokokawa
Yasuo Ichinose (General Manager Administrative Division)
Tadashi Matsuura (General Manager Research and Development Division)
Takao Hamakubo, Professor, M.D.,Ph.D. (NIPPON MEDICAL SCHOOL)
Kinichiro Kominami (Tech & FinStrategy, Inc. President & CEO)
Toshikazu Ban (FUJIFILM Corporation, Corporate Vice President)
Audit & Supervisory Board Member
Shinichi Suzukawa
Hirokazu Asami
Tadashi Horiuchi,Guest Professor ,Ph.D. (Keio University Hospital)

Corporate History

February 2001
Perseus Proteomics is established in Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo.
October 2002
A number of anti-nuclear receptor monoclonal antibodies are released as research reagents.
April 2003
The company joins the “Protein Interaction Analysis Nano-biochip Project” sponsored by the New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO) of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.
July 2003
The company headquarters relocate to Shibuya-ku, Tokyo.
August 2004
The company signs a distributorship agreement with R&D Systems Inc. for the distribution of its research reagents in the United States and initiates global sales.
September 2004
The company headquarters relocate to Meguro-ku, Tokyo.
September 2005
The complete lineup of antibodies that target all 48 nuclear receptors is presented.
September 2006
The company signs an agreement with Chugai Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. for the transfer of right for the therapeutic use of the anti-glypican 3 antibody “anti-hepatocarcinoma antibody (PPMX-T001).”
September 2008
The research reagent “PTX3 ELISA kit” is released.
November 2008
A phase I clinical trial of the anti-glypican 3 antibody “anti-hepatocarcinoma antibody (PPMX-T001)” begins in the United States.
January 2009
Through shareholder allocation, FUJIFILM Corporation increase their capital in Perseus Proteomics by acquiring 76.68% of the issued shares to become the parent company.
January 2011
A radioisotope (RI)-labeled antibody (PPMX-T002), an anticancer drug, is licensed to FUJIFILM Corporation.
December 2014
A drug for the treatment of adult T-cell leukemia based on an anti-transferrin receptor antibody (PPMX-T003) is selected by the Adaptable and Seamless Technology Transfer Program through Target-driven R&D (A-STEP) program of the Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST) for the practical application development (drug development) division.
September 2015
Antibody Drug Conjugate (PPMX-T004) is licensed to FUJIFILM Corporation.
January 2016
A phase I clinical trial of the radioisotope (RI)-labeled antibody (PPMX-T002) as an anticancer drug begins in the United States.
March 2018
After allocation of new shares to a third party, FUJIFILM Corporation reduce their percentage of shares to 48.62% and become an affiliated company.
January 2019
The company opens the Nagoya Laboratory in Chikusa-ku, Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture, for the maintenance and development of phage display technologies and the promotion of research and development of antibody drugs.