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I would like to know about how the Company was established.
The Company was established in February 2001, based on the technologies of protein expression and antibody generation, which were developed by the Laboratories for Systems Biology and Medicine of the Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology at the University of Tokyo, aiming at the medical application of antibodies against the diagnostic and therapeutic targets.
Where does the Company name come from?
“Perseus” comes from a great hero in a Greek myth. “Proteomics” means the research on structures and functions of protein.
Perseus is said to have killed Medusa and to have saved Andromeda from Tiamat, a sea monster, by showing it Medusa’s head. We compare the arms he used for defeating Tiamat including Pegasus and Medusa’s head to our antibody technologies. The Company name represents our mission to save patients (Andromeda) by fighting cancers and other diseases which are difficult to cure (Tiamat).
Which stock exchange are your stocks traded at?
At Tokyo Stock Exchange Mothers Market since 22 June 2021.
What is the securities code number?
When will be the financial results available?
Our fiscal year ends on 31 March. We disclose the financial results quarterly and the final results in May. Please refer to "IR Calendar".
Where can I find the past results?
Visit "Financial Results" or"Financial Highlights" on our website.
What is the stock trading unit of Perseus Proteomics?
1 trading unit is 100 shares.
How can I contact you?
Contact us from here.