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Dear Shareholders and Investors,

Perseus Proteomics successfully completed IPO on the Mothers Market (currently Growth Market), TSE, in June 2021, aiming at antibody drug discovery under your support.

Since the world first approval in 1986, antibody drugs have been constantly increasing in the market. Nearly half of the top 10 sales of the global medical drugs in 2021 were those of antibody drugs, excluding COVID-19 vaccination. Antibody drugs have long history of achievements, however, antibodies against antigens that have complex tertiary or quarternary structure still remain to be obtained. We have antibody libraries and screening technology to obtain such antibodies with high difficulty and have been refining them.

Currently we are in the middle of the development of three drug candidates in the pipeline including PPMX-T003, which is at the phase I stage. We have been working hard to deliver effective medical drugs to patients suffering from diseases as soon as possible through licensing to global pharmaceutical companies.

We appreciate your continued support and understanding.


Takuya Yokokawa
President & CEO
Perseus Proteomics Inc.