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Perseus Proteomics Inc. Now Offers High Sensitivity Monoclonal Antibodies against All 48 of the Nuclear Hormone Receptors


Perseus Proteomics Inc. has recently begun the sale of an anti-SHP monoclonal antibody (PP-N 7519-00) and an anti-ROR monoclonal antibody (PP-H 6437-00). With their completion, Perseus has now completed one of our core initiatives and now offers a full lineup of high-sensitivity monoclonal antibody products capable of detecting all 48 of the known nuclear receptors.

In addition, through continued research and development of our antibody products, we have further expanded our product lineup and now offer high sensitivity antibodies suitable for use in a variety of research applications. We will continue to pursue this strategy to advance the performance of our products and provide antibodies of the highest quality for all research applications.

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