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Our scientific article using Perseus Proteomics human ELISA system "Establishment of a High Sensitivity Plasma Assay for Human Pentraxin3 as a Marker for Unstable Angina Pectoris" was just published.


ppmx.gifIn this paper summary, we developed a highly sensitive ELISA system for human PTX3 in plasma using monoclonal antibodies. We found that patients who were eligible for coronary intervention exhibited high concentrations of plasma PTX3, especially in patients with UAP, exhibiting PTX3 levels three times higher than the normal range. This ELISA system provides a unique tool to assist physicians in predicting patients with UAP.

Arterioscler Thromb Vasc Biol. 2007 Jan;27(1):161-7. Epub 2006 Nov 9.

Perseus Proteomics Inc. Now offers human PTX3 ELISA system abroad.

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