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Human Pentraxin3 / TSG-14 ELISA System

Pentraxin3 (Pentraxin 3 PTX3/TSG-14) is a candidate marker reflecting vascular inflammation as it is directly secreted into blood shortly after the onset of inflammation. The Human Pentraxin 3/TSG-14 ELISA System can be used to measure PTX3 levels in plasma samples obtained using EDTA blood collection tubes or FBS-free culture supernatant samples in a highly sensitive and accurate manner.

Performance characteristics: Dilution linearity and detection limit

The system has a wide measurement range and can measure concentrations in the range of 0.1–20 ng/mL with accuracy and sensitivity.
It does not cause cross reactivity with C-reactive protein (CRP) or SAP, which are also pentraxin family members.

Point of Precaution for Samples Suitable for Measurement and Processing of Measurement Samples

Samples suitable for measurement

  • Plasma collected using EDTA blood collection tubes
  • Fetal bovine serum (FBS)-free culture supernatant

Precaution during sample preparation

  • Serum and plasma samples obtained using heparinized blood collection tubes cannot be used because accurate PTX3 levels cannot be determined.
  • Sample processing ranging from whole blood to plasma separations should be performed within 4 h, and samples should be stored at or below −20°C.

A service to measure PTX3 levels using the ELISA kit “Human Pentraxin3/TSG-14 ELISA System” is offered by two clinical testing companies (SRL Inc. and LSI Medience Corporation) in Japan.

This ELISA kit is also available for research purposes.
    Product code: PP-PD03-E0
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Measurement protocol (schematic diagram)

Human Pentraxin3/TSG-14 ELISA System kit contents

  • Anti-human PTX3 antibody precoated strip well plate [1 (96 well)]
  • HRP-conjugated anti-PTX3 antibody reagent [one vial (12 mL)]
  • Human PTX3 standards 0, 0.5, 1.0, 2.5, 5.0, 10, 20 ng/mL [seven vials (each 0.1 mL)]
  • 10X Wash buffer concentrate [one vial (100 mL)]
  • Dilution buffer [one vial (15 mL)]
  • TMB solution [one vial (12 mL)]
  • Stop solution [one vial (12 mL)]
  • Adhesive plate covers (three sheets)
  • Instruction manual (one unit)