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Nuclear Receptor

Nuclear hormone receptors are a family of 48 intracellular receptors that upon binding a lipid-soluble ligand move to the nucleus to function as transcriptional activators, associating with other general transcription factors, to regulate gene expression controlling various metabolic pathways. Malfunctions in nuclear hormone receptor signaling pathways caused by an individuals'habits leads to a variety of life-style related diseases, such as type II diabetes, obesity, hyperlipidemia, and circulatory disorders. Perseus Proteomics sells high quality antibodies to all 48 nuclear hormone receptors.
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Epigenesis refers to the process of genetic regulation without changing the DNA sequence, through DNA methylation, histone acetylation, and chromatin remodeling of the DNA. It controls and regulates gene expression during normal development in response to one's external environment. It has been suggested that some cancers or other diseases may be the result of loss of control or release from epigenesist. We sell various antibodies related to chromatin modification and remodeling.
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We also sell antibodies against proteins and transcription factors involved in vascular inflammation.
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Perseus Proteomics have established a high sensitivity PTX3 detection method, which we expect to be a breakthrough biomarker capable of predicting patients' risk of atherosclerosis in the earliest stages.

We start selling our high sensitivity PTX3 ELISA kit “Human Pentraxin 3 / TSG-14 ELISA System” for research use only.
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