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Sequencing of variable region in monoclonal antibody derived from your mouse Hybridoma.

Your hybridoma clones may make a significant headway toward research and bring you the benefits.

Customers can pursue dynamic research by obtaining the amino acid sequence of the antibody. The sequence information is relevant for antibody modification (e.g., humanization, subclass swtich, functional improvement, and optimization) and for comparisons with other antibodies. This may also become an intellectual property for patent application.

Service process

1Receipt of your frozen hybridoma

2cDNA synthesis, following mRNA extraction

cDNA synthesis, following mRNA extraction

3Polymerase chain reaction to gene encoding variable region

Polymerase chain reaction to gene encoding variable region

4Analysis of PCR product sequence after cloning

Analysis of PCR product sequence after cloning

5Submission of report for analyzed sequence

Delivery date
About 3 weeks after receiving your hybridoma
Analysis report (gene/amino acid sequence of variable regions in both heavy and Light chain, deduced CDR )

Points to note before ordering

A. Please send hybridomas in a frozen state (≥106cells flash frozen in a cryopreservation medium such as CELLBANKER) and arrange your package to be delivered to us on a business day (Monday to Friday only; excluding Saturdays, Sundays, holidays, and year-end/New Year holidays).
B.We cannot return hybridomas. We also cannot provide samples such as prepared cDNA or PCR amplification products. (We dispose of these when the project is completed.)

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