Our Business

Perseus Proteomics is a biotech venture, aiming at antibody drug discovery
through utilizing its own antibody technology for the patients throughout the world.

Perseus Proteomics was established in 2001, based on the technologies of protein expression and antibody generation, which were developed by the Laboratories for Systems Biology and Medicine (LSBM) of the Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology at the University of Tokyo, aiming at the medical application of antibodies.
We operate three businesses: drug discovery, which is its main business, antibody research support including antibody generation and sequence analysis, and antibody/reagent sales.

Drug Discovery

We aim at development of new medical drugs by understanding research and development seeds through the strong network with academia established in joint research and research support business. Usually, we cover research through any stage of phase I/IIa clinical trials and license out the drug candidates to a pharmaceutical company, which performs late-stage clinical trials. We receive upfront fees in licensing, milestone payments according to the development stages, and royalties after product approval to lead to new development of the next medical drug candidates.

Antibody research support

We strongly support antibody researches including antibody generation and sequence analysis utilizing knowledge and experience obtained as a drug discovery company.

Antibody and reagent sales

We provide various antibodies for research including the entire antibody line-up against 48 human nuclear receptors and reagents.