About the Company

Q:How was the Company established?
A:The Company was established aiming to utilize antibodies against diagnosis and drug discovery targets for healthcare, based on expressing protein and antibody generating technologies developed by LSBM, Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology, the University of Tokyo.
As for details, please refer to “About us”.
Q:What is the corporate policy?
A:Our corporate policy is that we are committed to contributing to global healthcare with our cutting-edge antibody technologies.
Q:What fields of business does the Company develop?
A: We develop business in the three fields; antibody drug discovery, antibody research support service, and antibody/reagent sales.
Please refer to the “Business” for details.
Q:When did the Company go public?
A:June 22, 2021.
Q:What is the origin of the company name?
A:“Perseus” comes from a great hero in a Greek myth. “Proteomics” means the research on structures and functions of protein. Perseus is said to have killed Medusa and to have saved Andromeda from Tiamat, a sea monster, by showing it Medusa’s head. We compare the arms he used for defeating Tiamat including Pegasus and Medusa’s head to our antibody technologies. The Company name represents our mission to save patients (Andromeda) by fighting cancers and other diseases which are difficult to cure (Tiamat).

About Business Results

Q:Where can I find the latest business results?
A:Visit "Financial Results" or "Financial Highlights" on our website. We also provide “Presentation Materials” every six months.
Q:When is your fiscal year-end?
A:Our fiscal year ends on March 31 and the first half ends on September 30. We announce the year-end business results in May, and quarterly results in August, November, and February.

About Stocks

Q:Where are your stocks listed?
A:On the Growth Market of Tokyo Stock Exchange.
Q:What is the securities code number?
Q:What is the stock trading unit of Perseus Proteomics?
A:1 trading unit is 100 shares.
Q:What is your dividend policy?
A:We recognize profit return to shareholders as an important issue in management, however, we have not been able to pay dividend so far. Development of medical drugs requires big upfront investment and long-range period. Therefore, we strive to increase internal reserve and prioritize in securing R&D expenses for a while. When we can distribute dividends, basically we make payments annually after approval at a general shareholders’ meeting. We can also distribute interim dividends by the resolution of a Board of Directors for swift payments as stipulated in the Articles of Incorporation pursuant to the Paragraph 5, Article 454 of the Companies Act.
Q:How can I purchase Perseus Proteomics stocks?
A:Please contact securities company about the detail.
Q:How much is the stock price of Perseus Proteomics?
A:Please click here.
Q:Who is the shareholder registry administrator for Perseus Proteomics?
A:Mitsubishi UFJ Trust Bank.
Q:How can I transfer stock or change the address on my shareholder account?
A:Please contact the securities company where you have an account.
Q:When is a general shareholders meeting held?
A:A general shareholders meeting is held in the end of June every year. We will notice the date, venue and other information in early June to shareholders as of March 31.
Q:How do I execute my voting right at a shareholders’ meeting?
A:We send a convocation notice and a voting form to the shareholders listed in the Shareholders Registry at the end of the record date. Shareholders can execute the voting rights either of the following method:
  • by attending the shareholders’ meeting bringing with the execution form
  • by returning after indicating your approval or disapproval of each proposal by post

About others

Q:Which industry sector does the Company belong to?
A:Medical industry.
Q:How can I contact IR group?
A:Select “IR” on “Inquiry” form and send us your inquiry.