Only One PPMX

Incubated at the University of Tokyo, Perseus Proteomics Inc., a bio venture, specializes in the development of monoclonal antibodies since its establishment in 2001. Currently, it has been proceeding with the development of pipeline of PPMX-T002, -T003, and -T004.
The Company also provides antibody research support service utilizing its strength as a drug discovery company and sales of antibody/reagent.

What are antibodies?

Antibodies are protein made in our body. They protect us by removing alien objects (antigens) including viruses and bacteria.

Antibodies have a Y-shaped structure with 2 arms that bind to an antigen. Each arm of the antibody binds exclusively to a specific antigen, forming a complex at the tip of the arm. Antibodies are to antigens what keys are to keyholes. Human bodies can produce antibodies that bind to any antigens

Only antibody A binds to antigen A, just like antibody B to antigen A.

What are monoclonal antibodies?

Monoclonal antibodies (MABs) are therapeutic drugs that utilize the characteristics of antibodies. We produce antibodies that bind to the agent causing a disease artificially to remove the agent. MAB utilizes coherent system, which is highly safe. Also, if we produce antibodies that have similar structures to human antibodies, the safety will increase further.

How to produce MABs

Method using animals (Hybridoma method and others)

In this method, we extract cells that produce antibodies from an animal immunized with antigen and change the cells to multiple limitlessly for mass production of antibodies.

Method not using animals (Phage display method and others)

There are several methods not using animals. One of those is the phage display method, which won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 2018. It is a technique for creating antibodies inside a test tube. This method allows for the production of human antibodies and is gaining popularity.

Monoclonal antibodies market

Monoclonal antibodies utilize the function of antibodies to remove only the agent causing a disease. Therefore, they are used as therapeutic drugs for a wide variety of diseases including cancer and rheumatism due to its high safety. Sales of MABs are forecast to increase up to 280 billion dollars in 2026.

On the other hand, the difficulty in creating antibodies for antigens with complex forms still leaves plenty of targets of MABs.

Antigens and antibodies correspond to each other just like keyholes and keys. We find it difficult in creating antibodies for complex-formed antigens just like creating keys to complex-formed keyholes.

Our strengths

Our unique antibody technologies enable us to acquire antibodies that have not been produced yet and develop them as groundbreaking pharmaceutical candidates.

Phage antibodies library

Around 100 billion antibodies are packed in a test tube used in a phage display method. It is called a “library”.
We are able to acquire antibodies that bind firmly to the target antigens through using our own antibody library with a wide variety.

ICOS Method (Screening method to acquire target antibody: Patent No. 4870348)

We have developed “ICOS method” where we pick out the target antibody from among numerous antibodies. (patent No. 4870348)


Here is our pipeline of PPMX-T002 to PPMX-T004 currently ongoing. As for PPMX-T003, clinical trials have been proceeding for polycythemia vera and aggressive NK-cell leukemia (ANKL).