Management Policy/Strategy

Management Policy

Our management policy is to contribute to global healthcare by proceeding with research and development of monoclonal antibodies against diseases including cancers utilizing our own antibody technologies.

Management index

We do not use numerical management index including ROA or ROE, as the income from the upfront fee from contract agreement and continuous milestone payments afterwards depend on the progress of R&D of the Company or licensing partners. Instead, we consider the progress of pipeline, enhancement of pipeline, and sales as our important goals and promote business activities.

Mid- to Long-term management strategy

Our important issue in mid to long term is to generate new antibodies continuously. For this purpose, we will continue drug discovery research for enhancement of pipeline and perform phase I to II clinical trials. For us, a drug discovery bio venture, enhancement of R&D structure and fund raising for R&D are essential to continue R&D. In order to achieve this, we will secure new licensing partners, acquire subsidies for R&D, collaborate domestic or overseas partners, and raise funds from capital market to promote R&D.