Antibody/Reagent Sales

We provide researchers throughout the world with all the 48 types of nuclear receptor antibodies as reagents for research. They can be used as biomarkers for various diseases including cancers and lifestyle related diseases. Also, we have succeeded in development of PTX3 ELISA kit and provide them as reagent for research as well.

Our nuclear receptor antibodies

Nuclear receptors are protein which regulates gene expression by binding to hormones, etc. within cells. Humans have 48 types of nuclear receptors, which have been attracting attention as targets for drug discovery. We have generated the antibodies against all the 48 nuclear receptors and have been providing them for research purposes for researchers throughout the world.

ELISA kit for PTX3 measurement

The density of the protein PTX3 in the blood is considered an indicator reflecting the degree of vascular inflammation. We have developed and been selling reagents for measurement of PTX3 density at high sensitivity.
We have also proceeding with the development of Quick Detection Kit of Pentraxin3 to determine exacerbation of diseases associated with vascular inflammaion including sepsis and pneumonia by COVID-19, utilizing the characteristics of PTX3 to capture inflammation levels sharply.


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FUJIFILM Wako Pure Chemical Corporation
Peptide Institute, Inc.
DENIS Pharma K.K.
R&D Systems, Inc.
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