Antibody Research Support Service

We have contributed to the development of healthcare and life science research through creating monoclonal antibodies against cancers and reagents for research. We provide antibody research support and contract research services to further utilize our technology and experience accumulated in drug discovery. We will offer services other than the menu listed here to meet your various needs.

Antibody sequencing

Accurately determining the antibody sequences of hybridomas obtained by immunizing animals is critical for downstream manipulation, including amino acid sequence modification and humanization. Our specific primers are designed to accurately determine antibody variable regions from initiation points.

Delivery date About 4 weeks after receiving your hybridoma (It may take more time depending on quantity.)
Deliverables Analysis report (gene/amino acid sequence of variable regions in both heavy and Light chain, deduced CDR)
Points to note before ordering
  • Please provide us with hybridomas (1x106 - 5x106 cells/mL) in a frozen state, suspended in an appropriate preservation liquid. We cannot return the provided hybridomas.
  • We cannot provide any samples other than deliverables. We dispose of the samples after a certain storage period.
  • Please accept that we use external web sites in analysis of amino-acid sequences. We will NOT register or record any information.

Antibody production service

We offer you the service of generating antibody protein with mammals as expression hosts. We can immediately start the process with gene sequencing information of variable region of an antibody of interest.

First, we design the gene that encodes variable region and incorporate it into our expression vector (human IgG1, human k). Next, we check production efficiency in a small-scale production. Then we discuss with you the quantity to be cultured according to your request. (If we are provided with mammalian cell expression vectors of the antibody of interest, we can take on a small-scale production.)

We can also generate recombinant antibodies of your interest (e.g. change to mouse IgG1 or human IgG2, point mutation within CDR). Please feel free to contact us.

Service Flow


We also provide research support on antibodies and supply business for companies. Please do not hesitate to contact us.