Privacy Policy

General Policy

We acknowledge the importance of personal information and consider it our social responsibility to protect the integrity of personal information. We strictly comply with laws, regulations, corporate rules, and other guidelines pertinent to personal information and acquire, utilize, and manage personal information in an appropriate manner.
Personal information refers to any data that could be used to identify a person, including names, addresses, email addresses, and telephone numbers.

Scope of application

This privacy policy describes the policy that we shall comply with when we handle personal information or similar information of clients and business partners received through the various services we offer.

Acquisition of personal information and purpose of use thereof

We do not collect personal information directly from our customers and business partners without prior consent. When we indirectly collect personal information, we state or promptly notify the client or partner of the purpose of the information collected.

Handling of personal information

We use personal information collected only for the stated purpose and never disclose personal information to third parties unless customers provide prior consent. However, we may disclose or use personal information only if such disclosure or use is justifiable and required by law.

Management of personal information

Regarding the management of information provided by clients and business partners, we ensure the following:

  1. Accuracy of information
    We try to ensure the information provided by customers and business partners that is always accurate and up to date.
  2. Safety control measures
    We strictly define procedures for the organizational management of personal information and ensure that personal information is handled accordingly.
  3. Supervision of employees
    We ensure that personal information is handled appropriately.
  4. Supervision of subcontractors
    When we use subcontractors to handle personal information, we use only subcontractors who satisfy our requirements and supervise them appropriately.
  5. Retention period and disposal
    We define how long we retain information provided by clients and business partners and discard the information after the retention period is over. In addition, we discard the information as soon as it is no longer of use.

Provision to third parties

We do not provide personal information provided by clients and business partners to third parties. If we do so in the future, it is only after we specify the information to be provided and the purpose of provision and obtain relevant consent from clients and business partners.
In certain cases, we may subcontract personal information to other companies to the extent that is necessary to achieve specific purposes.

Contact information for requests concerning personal information, such as those for disclosure, correction, and termination of use

We respond to requests such as those for disclosure, correction, and termination of use according to our prescribed procedures. We provide guidance tailored to each individual case. Thus, for more information on our procedures, please contact us via the contact information shared below.
For handling of personal information for other than the above mentioned matters, please contact us by email.

Administrative Department
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Established April 1, 2019