Drug Discovery

We aim at development of new monoclonal antibodies. Antibodies, an excellent bio-defense system inherent to our bodies, are characterized with few side effects.
Approval of monoclonal antibodies have been increasing year by year. Many of the top 10 sales of medical drugs are monoclonal antibodies recently. The more complex a targeted antigen’s structure is, the more difficult corresponding antibodies are to obtain. Through our own antibody technology, we can obtain antibodies against such antigens with highly difficult structure.

Business model

Our profit model of drug discovery is to acquire profits including upfront fees from licensing out to domestic or overseas pharmaceutical companies, milestone payments according to the development stage, royalties after market launch.

Contract fee Income received when licensing agreement has been signed.
Milestone income There are two types of milestone payments. One is a development milestone, which is consideration for achievement of specific development targets by a licensee or the Company after licensing agreement is signed. The other is a sales milestone, which is income from achievement of annual sales targets determined beforehand.
Royalty income Income from sales of the marketed drug. A certain ratio has been determined in the contract.