To our future colleagues,

The most important asset for a biotech venture is researchers with a combination of enthusiasm, expertise, and experimental proficiency in drug discovery. With the three, you will be able to grow into a brilliant researcher or a manager who is deeply involved in company management.

Here at Perseus Proteomics, you can experience a wide range of work from basic targeting research to clinical development. How about joining us and immersing yourself in R&D wholeheartedly? Your growth leads to our growth. At the job interview, we will discuss and share information about the appealing aspects of our company.

We will promptly proceed with application documents screening to job interview by directors.
Currently, we are accepting applications on an ongoing basis. Laboratory visit is welcome.

Job Title Researcher (full-time)
Your role
  • Discovery of new antibody drug candidates for cancer and other diseases
  • Validation of targets for human antibody drug
  • In vitro/vivo screening of the drug candidates,
  • Pre-clinical to clinical development
  • GMP contract manufacturing and other development
Qualifications One who fulfills either of the following:
  • Advanced degree in Life Sciences (Ph.D. degree in Biology, Pharmaceuticals, Medicine and other related fields) or relevant research experiences and substantial skills to commit research and development written above.
  • Proven professional working experience in academia and/or companies in drug discovery.
  • Interest in antibody drug and enthusiasm to acquire experimental skills for research and development.
Location Tokyo, Nagoya
Working time Flex-time (Standard working hours: 9:00-17:30)
Benefits Based on the company regulations.
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