To our stakeholders

Corporate philosophy
We contribute to global healthcare
through cutting-edge antibody technology.

Takuya Yokokawa
President & CEO
Perseus Proteomics Inc

Perseus Proteomics Inc. was established in 2001 with a foundation built upon cutting-edge technology and a diverse research network. Our core business is drug discovery of monoclonal antibodies. Antibodies are coherent biological defense function that fights with alien objects including viruses and bacteria. To acquire excellent antibodies, we use both the hybridoma method that utilizes animal immunes and the phage display method for human antibodies. In the latter method, we combine our unique phage antibody library and our patented ICOS method, a highly efficient screening method for the development of pipeline with high efficacy.

Currently, we have been focusing on PPMX-T002 and PPMX-T004, both of which are to increase efficacy by radioisotope or an anti-cancer drug, and PPMX-T003, a naked antibody with high function. Besides, we have been challenging the development of new MABs that satisfy unmet medical needs including cancer by newly utilizing a single B-cell cloning method as well.

Perseus Proteomics will contribute to the global medical through bearing fruit from excellent seeds in Japanese academia and creating new MAB seeds.

October 2023