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Based on novel protein expression technology developed at and transferred from the Laboratory for Systems Biology and Medicine (LSBM), a state-of-the-art division of the Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology (RCAST) at the University of Tokyo, Perseus Proteomics develops biotechnology antibody-based therapeutics and diagnostics in collaboration with world-class scientists and clinicians at the University of Tokyo.
Our mastery of antibody engineering technology, developed over our long history of perfecting methods in protein expression technology, immune tolerance and antibody generation, has allowed us to transform cutting-edge drug target identification into dynamic drug discovery. We rely on a blend of disease transcriptome analysis technology and bioinformatics to identify single antigens over-expressed on the surface of malignant cells or antigen biomarkers released into the blood indicative of a disease state. Capitalizing on our expertise and technology, we systematically develop highly functional antibodies against identified antigens. Perseus Proteomics strong academic ties allow us to develop and test our antibodies hand and hand with cutting-edge scientists and practicing clinicians. In this manner, we can far more effectively (1) select target genes for drug discovery, (2) resolve the best method to express those target antigens and circumvent immunotolerance and (3) develop highly functional antibodies against these targets. This highly structured process facilitated by highly-trained scientists and clinicians is one of the key strengths of Perseus Proteomics.

Antibodies developed by Perseus Proteomics are used in a variety of life science applications from drug discovery screening and diagnostic imaging for radiation therapy to antibody-based cancer therapeutics and the detection of cancer or metabolic disease biomarkers for diagnosis, prognosis, and monitoring treatment outcomes. Leveraging our alliance partners and complementary capabilities, Perseus Proteomics transforms antibodies developed from our technology into therapeutics and diagnostics to advance medical care and worldwide patients' quality of life.

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