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What's New News list
2018/3/30 PPMX received 1.4 billion yen from Nippon Venture Capital Co.,Ltd. and other capitals in a third party allocation of shares. We will make further effort to develop therapeutic antibodies and related products.
2016/1/12 Fujifilm initiates a Phase I clinical trial of the anti-cancer agent “FF-21101” (RI labeled antibody) in the United States. PPMX contributed to creating antibody based on antibody engineering technology.
2014/12/18 PPMX receives JST Grant to develop Anti TfR antibody for Adult T-cell Leukemia.
2013/6/10 Preclinical evaluation of RI labelled anti CDH3 antibody received First Place Poster Award at SNMMI2013.
2013/4/9 Research progress of anti TFR antibody for solid tumor was reported at AACR2013.
NewProduct Information Products
We sell high quality antibodies to all 48 nuclear hormone receptors as reagents worldwide.

Affinity Purified Antibody
SF-1(Clone No N1665)

Anti human SF-1 mouse monoclonal antibody
GATA2(Clone No B9922A)
Anti human GATA2 mouse monoclonal antibody
COUP-TF II(Clone No H7147)
Anti human COUP-TF II mouse monoclonal antibody
HNF4 alpha(Clone No K9218)
Anti human HNF4 alpha mouse monoclonal antibody
LXRα Ligand Binding Domain(Clone No PPZ0412)
Anti human LXRα Ligand Binding Domain mouse monoclonal antibody