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Using a combination of either of two technology platforms (the so-called hybridoma method involving animal immunization and the phage display method that does not use animals) and our unique antibody screening methods, Perseus Proteomic is able to generate highly functional antibodies based on the characteristics of target molecules, enabling it to establish a strong pipeline of antibody therapeutics.

The hybridoma method is a classic and well-established method. Perseus proteomics has been devoted to generate antibodies using this method. With years of accumulated experience, we can obtain highly functional antibodies with high specificity and affinity.

As the phage display method does not require the use of animals, it can be used to generate unique antibodies with different properties compared with those generated by the hybridoma method, including antibodies against living organism-derived autoantigens or non-biological or toxic substances.

Moreover, combining our high performance antibody libraries with our screening technologies, backed by our exclusive know-hows, we are attempting to unlock the hidden potential of antibodies.