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Research & Development
Pharmaceutical development
Perseus Proteomics is specialized in the discovery and development of therapeutic monoclonal antibodies. We combine our expertise in immunogen preparation and established phage display library screening to explore molecular targeted drugs. Genetically modified or chemically modified antibodies are our therapeutic drug candidates.


Monoclonal antibody PPMX-T001 targets cancer cell membrane-bound glycoprotein Glypican-3 (GPC3, 60 kDa). A membrane-associated protein GPC3 containing a GPI anchor plays roles in biological signaling processes. Highly expressed GPC3 was detected in fetal liver and hepatoma cells from our transcriptome analysis. Clinical trials operated by Chugai Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. are taking place.
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An anti-Cadherin3 (CDH3) monoclonal antibody was developed as one of the anti-cancer agents. CDH3 is a cell-cell adhesion protein. The transcriptome data showed the limited CDH3 expression in the normal human tissues, while the aberrant high expression in various cancer cells. We engineered the antibody obtained from mice immunized with the immunogen. Fujifilm Corporation initiates clinical trials with our radiolabeled anti-CDH3 antibody.


A transmembrane protein Transferrin receptor (TfR) binds transferrin and facilitates intracellular iron transport. The iron uptake is crucial for cell survival and high expression of TfR is associated with cancer cells. We identified our fully human monoclonal antibody against TfR, obtained from the phage display library, induced cell death by impairing iron supply on cancer cells. Currently delivery of the anti-TfR antibody for clinical trials in diseases is under the process.